This post is about a Chinese input method. The Chinese version of this post can be found here.

If you want to know more about this amazing Chinese input method, you may find an English tutorial at FISH UP.

Since a year ago, I realized that RIME is a highly customizable input method engine. I see it as a sustainable platform to develop Array30 Chinese input method, which is an easy-to-learn and efficient Chinese input method. Then I started developing the rime-array configuration on RIME repository to rebuild a number of important input features that the official Array had defined…

Originally published at on June 3, 2021.

最近又更新了自己的Vim設定檔。這次更新改動較大但不算多:更新了一些插件、修正了一些安裝問題、完善了說明文檔、清理了一些沒有用的檔案。不過最重要是這次改用了另一個相當sexy、針對較多不同語言高亮,還在持續開發的配色方案sonokai。因為這款配色主要支援全彩顏色,在那些古老而只支援256色顯示的terminal emulator上使用體驗會沒有那麼好,所以版本號直接跳上v1.0.0以作區分。



A major update of my own vim configuration is online… not too many changes actually. There are some plugin updates, bug fixes, cleanups, better documentation. And most importantly, a new, sexy color scheme “sonokai” has been applied! The color scheme supports full color, has better support to language specific syntax highlight, and is still under continuous development. However this color scheme may not work that well in 256-color terminal emulator than the color schemes I used before so I pumped the version number to v1.0.0.

I didn’t intend…

This note contains the basic ideas of different sorting algorithms in brief and plain words. It is for my own revision purpose and does not guarantee to be fully accurate.

Selection Sort

  • Start from A[0] (subject), find the smallest number among all elements
  • Swap the subject element with the smallest number that was found
  • Repeat the above steps start from the next position (A[1])
  • Keep on repeating until the last cycle
  • It is basically the worst sorting algorithm as you must check until the last cycle and can’t skip checking any element
  • Runtime: O(n²)

Bubble Sort

  • Start from A[0], compare A[0] with A[1]. …

最近在深水埗腦場看到一款只賣$19的Bluetooth 5.0 dongle,這簡直令人眼前一亮!要知道支援Bluetooth 5.0的dongle在世上絕無僅有,而$19這個價錢甚至比同場另一款只支援Bluetooth 4.0的dongle便宜一半。在好奇心、蔗渣的價錢和自己對Bluetooth dongle有實際需要的情況下,就買了一隻回家一探究竟。最後結論想當然是「伏味濃」。

中國國產Bluetooth 5.0晶片?

根據包裝上的網址是藍牙晶片的網址,這隻「無牌」dongle使用的藍牙晶片是BR8041,是一款由北京百瑞互聯開發,也大概是現時唯一一款「國產」的Bluetooth 5.0晶片。這晶片亦已經通過官方Bluetooth SIG認證。後來我將dongle外殼拆開檢查,也證實是用相同型號的晶片:

Over half a year, the tension in Hong Kong keeps raising. Since Monday the police began to siege 6 universities. My school — the Chinese University of Hong Kong turned into a major war zone.

On Tuesday, the police repeatedly broke their deals with the university administrators and students, trying to storm into the campus, which by law they have no right to enter without permission from the university. Within a day they threw thousands of tear gas and varies types of bullet, which is the sum of bullets being used from June to August, into the campus. Students defended…

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